Red Country has quickly become a household name in the industry as a promotion team DJ's can trust. Red Country demands quality and DJ's know their heart for the industry and the desire to make Inspo/Christian Country a genre that lives to the same standard as today's mainstream country. Red Country has an amazing track record in legitimate charts because of the relationships with DJ's and we WILL DO OUR BEST to get you the airplay you deserve. Our team has promoted 5 number 1 hits on the most legit spin based chart as well as over 50 top 40 hits in their combined 5 year career. You want radio airplay? The Red Country promoters are the best in the business and can get it done!  

What Charts DO You Recognize?

While there are several and yes we mean several charts out there in our industry there are just a few that we recognize as being the most legit. These charts are not a "buy an add get a spot" charts but these are spin based charts with actual stations with actual listeners. While we send the music to a huge list of stations, and love to hear from the other charts, below are the four that we recognize and push the most due to their spin based qualities. 

ACCMA Top 40

The American Christian Country Music Association's monthly chart. It is comprised of Large and Medium market stations and is soley spin based.


Owned by three fifty seven media, this charts basis its finding off streaming platforms and a "panel" creates the top 40 countdown. It gives a little different insight to the music world.

Christian Music Weekly 

A weekley small market spin based chart. They report their top 25 each week.

CDX Nashville

CDX Nashville is a Southern Gospel, Positive Country and Christian Country chart that provides a top 40 each week. Most of their stations are in the mainstream country and Southern Gospel format, but we have been successful with them as well.


Here are just a few of the amazing artist that we have represented or currently represent to national radio.



Call us today and let us see how we can help get you out to radio and get your music and your message heard around the world!